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L 001

[LIP BRUSH / lip brush]

[LIP BRUSH / lip brush]

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We were particular about the shape and strength that makes it easy to apply to any part of the mouth. The corners of the brush are rounded so that it can be applied with a gentle touch to the corners of the mouth and that the shape can be easily taken when drawing mountains. The top is straight so that it is easy to border. It has just the right amount of hardness and length, and it has a pleasant texture that feels great on sensitive mouths. 


When applying a dark color such as red lip, take a small amount on the tip of the brush and outline the shape with the tip of the brush like a lip line. 

Once you have decided on the shape, you can draw a mountain with the roundness on both sides, and paint the inside of the border with the tip of the brush to draw a beautiful shape. 

Base (color): Aluminum satin (black)
Shaft shape (color): Straight butt round (black)
Shaft color: Black matte Hair quality: PBT

Size (mm) ONE SIZE
hair length 10.0
mouthpiece length 45.0
axis size Diameter 7.0 x 120.0
full length 175.0
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