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F 001

[FOUNDATION BRUSH / foundation brush]

[FOUNDATION BRUSH / foundation brush]

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The best way to apply the liquid foundation evenly is to apply the foundation in a circular motion. The shape of the F 001 is just the right size and the honey-like feel of the brush tip makes that possible. 

It covers pores well, and unlike applying with your hands or a sponge, it leaves a moderately beautiful luster. 


Take an appropriate amount on your hand or palette, pick it up with a brush, and apply it in a circular motion. 

If you apply a liquid foundation with this brush after using a highly adhesive base or sunscreen, it will adhere perfectly. In that case, powder is recommended only around the nose and forehead. You will have glossy skin without oily look. 

Base (color): Aluminum satin (black)
Shaft shape (color): Straight butt round
Shaft color: Black matte Hair quality: PBT

Size (mm) ONE SIZE
hair length 29.0
mouthpiece length 45.0
axis size Diameter 16.0 x 95.0
full length 173.0
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