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P 002

[CHEEK BRUSH / cheek brush]

[CHEEK BRUSH / cheek brush]

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With the unique texture of natural hair, you can apply blush evenly. Use the tip when you want to apply darker, and when you want to create a soft look, lay it on your side and apply blush. 


For those who don't want to get shine and are concerned about shine around the nose, apply powder to the tip of the cheek brush to finish. I recommend this for areas where you are concerned about shine because you can get more powder with the brush than the P 001 powder brush. 

Base (color): Aluminum satin (black)
Shaft shape (color): Straight butt round
Shaft color: Black matte Hair quality:
Goat hair Sokoho black dye

Size (mm) ONE SIZE
hair length 52.0
mouthpiece length 45.0
axis size Diameter 16.0 x 95.0
full length 185.0
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