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C 003

[CONCEALER BRUSH (S) / Concealer (S)]

[CONCEALER BRUSH (S) / Concealer (S)]

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The softness of the brush, which is gentle on the delicate eye area, and the width and thickness that are easy to use.
The S size is a little thinner, so it is suitable for covering points and narrow areas.


Orange for blue bears, green for acne scars and melasma, beige and yellow for gray and brown freckles and blemishes. Cover the color concealer that suits each concern with a brush and then use the concealer to increase the coverage. 

Base (color): Aluminum satin (black)
Shaft shape (color): Straight butt round
Shaft color: black matte

Size (mm) ONE SIZE
hair length 14.0
mouthpiece length 45.0
axis size Diameter 7.0 x 120.0
full length 179.0
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