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E 001

E 001 [BLENDING BRUSH] Blending brush

E 001 [BLENDING BRUSH] Blending brush

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This is a blending brush that is often used with the tip upright, such as blurring the carvings of the eye holes, so we are particular about the shape of the tip so that it does not irritate and spread out too much.
It has the optimum shape and stiffness for use in nose shadows and double lines.
A multi-purpose brush that can be used as a highlighter or as a powder brush around the eyes and nose. 


Since it is a horsetail type, it can also be used as an eyeshadow brush by laying it on its side.
Applying light brown eyeshadow or eyebrow powder along the hollow from the inner corner of the eyebrow to the inner corner of the eye will make the tip of the nose look higher.
If you want to make your nose look taller, adding highlights to the bridge of your nose is more effective. 

Base (color): Aluminum satin (black)
Shaft shape (color): Straight butt round
Shaft color: black matte

Size (mm) ONE SIZE
hair length 20.0
mouthpiece length 45.0
axis size Diameter 7.0 x 120.0
full length 185.0
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